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Eighth set of blogs that have referred readers to LawDepartmentManagementBlog

Another in my series of kudos, thanks and gratitude (See my post of Nov. 15, 2009: history of this series; and Jan. 4, 2010: seventh set.).

  1. BrightLeaf
  2. Entertainment Litigation (Hank Fasthoff)
  3. Globallegal (Matthew Sullivan)
  4. (Jason Schoolmeester)
  5. Jason Wilson (Jason Wilson)
  6. (Eric A. Welter, Esq.)
  7. Last Generalist (Richard Russeth, Esq.)
  8. Law Firm Transformation (Gary Mitchell
  9. Law People (Rhonda Muir, Esq.)
  10. (PEKNit)
  11. (Antoine Frahan)
  12. LPO Source (Michael D. Bell)
  13. Mattern of Fact (Mattern & Associates)
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