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Shout out to Pinhawk and its readers who come to this site

Thirty years ago on a MetroNorth platform in Scarsdale, NY, I met Joe Bookman, then the President of CompInfo. Soon thereafter, disgruntled with law practice and enamored of PCs and software for lawyers, I joined CompInfo to sell its LawPack program to law departments. Joe and I have been friends since then.

Joe founded and runs PinHawk, which aggregates news from the Internet about law firms, law departments, legal technology and related topics. For a modest subscription you get a daily download, edited and attractive, of material that is relevant to your interests.

With increasing frequency subscribers to PinHawk’s service click through to this blog. Thank you, Joe!

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One response to “Shout out to Pinhawk and its readers who come to this site”

  1. Nathan Rosen says:

    I find Pinhawk a very useful resource.