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Exotic software for corporate governance, corporate secretarial, and publicly-traded functions

A law department I know has adopted a remarkable range of software for its specialized corporate needs. It uses EDGARizer (EDGARfilings, part of Thomson Reuters) and EDGARlink (SEC) for Edgar filings and EMMA (MSRB – Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board) for 529 filings. It has also licensed BlueWin (Bank of New York Mellon) for blue sky filings, and Comfiler (Bowne) for NSAR filings. Plans were afoot to use Clarity FSR (IBM, Clarity Systems) for meeting XBRL requirements. These packages are not familiar to me, nor are the competitors to them that must be out there. I welcome more information from readers.

I have noted other software available for corporate secretarial and related functions (See my post of June 7, 2010: two European packages for corporate secretary functions; Sept. 2, 2009: software for corporate secretaries with 11 references.).

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