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Fame and fortune! money-makers based on law departments

Venture capitalists might struggle to find bonanzas in these startup ideas that aim at legal departments, but at least a dozen ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs have appeared on this blog. Some are fanciful, some are practical and all are waiting for someone to seize the business opportunity (See my post of May 2, 2008: esq-Harmony; Oct. 29, 2008: neural nets and litigation costs; May 14, 2006: databases; July 21, 2005: more database prospects; June 30, 2006: search powers; Sept. 22, 2006: invoice readers; Feb. 21, 2007: OCR invoices; Feb. 15, 2006: prediction markets; and May 4, 2005: stock trading based on patent litigation.).

Fame and fortune (OK, your admin will know you and the irregular cash flow) await someone who builds on these ideas and others (See my post of Feb. 16, 2006: wiki technology; July 29, 2007: ambient orbs; and Nov. 18, 2007: training on virtual worlds.).

More broadly, all the cottage industries that swirl around legal departments evince entrepreneurial energy (See my post of July 21, 2006: cottage industry with 10 references.).