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4,000 posts on LawDepartmentManagementBlog! Isn’t it time you say hi?

Write me. Break radio silence. Feel the guilt of the lurking proletariat. Toss timidity to the winds. Bring a smile to the face of a blogger with even an “Attaway!”. Click here to email Rees Morrison and let me know whether the enormous amount of time and energy I pour into this blog has made any difference to you or what would help you.

Better, what should I do with the next 4,000 posts and all that stand behind them? I have been doing a huge amount behind the scrim; any ideas?

Thanks, all you readers.

Respectfully yours, Rees (blogmeister) Morrison

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3 responses to “4,000 posts on LawDepartmentManagementBlog! Isn’t it time you say hi?”

  1. John Gilman says:

    I’ll do better than email you, I’ll post a comment. Thanks Rees for these posts. I know you put a lot of thought and work into them. It shows. I want you to know that I’ve been reading them for a long time and that I pass on relevant material of yours to others fairly frequently.
    I look forward to the next 4,000 posts.
    Best wishes, John Gilman

  2. Harm Bavinck says:

    Hello Rees,
    I also want to thank you for your blog. For me it is very useful to read your various comments.
    Kind regards,
    Harm Bavinck
    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  3. Rees:
    Yours is among a small group of the best blogs out there covering issues of critical concern to the profession. I’ve recommended it often to clients and friends. Thank you.