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Groups for GCs to Join

General counsel have a wide range of groups they can join to learn more about law department management.  ACC has the Law Department Management Committee; many Sections of the ABA have a corporate counsel section — at least Litigation has one that is active and the Corporate Counsel Section.  State bar associations, or at least Pennsylvania and New York and NJ to my knowledge, have counterpart groups.

Then there are the industry groups, like Pharma, CMA, MAPI, FMI and others where I have given talks to groups of lawyers.  Some of the large cities even have law department sub-groups in their lawyer associations.

Beyond these groups for GCs to join, there are the various roundtables, such as the ones run by Steve Nowlan or Bill Zinke.  Laurence Simons runs roundtables in Europe by industry.

I am probably missing some (the International Bar Association just came to mind) but even so there are simply a whole lot of opportunities for GCs to talk with peers about how to manage.

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  1. Ray Kolls says:

    Can we get some contact info for these groups please. Many thanks.
    Ray Kolls
    VP & General Counsel