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Hendiadys, rhetorical trope of the day for law department management

Any blogger who uses hendiadys (a rhetorical figure in which a complex idea is expressed by two words connected by a copulative conjunction) is a blogger after my heart and soul (1).

Willem Wiggers, on his blog WeAgree, started a post with this unusual word, so I picked up the glove and challenge and tried my hand and fingers at a few hendiadyses.

Law departments are the brains and brawn (2) of many companies, ready and willing (3) to handle everything from complex issues to simple NDAs. The firms they select are head and shoulders (4) above competitor firms and the service they provide is fast and furious (5). Partners at law firms, the high and mighty (5), give counsel and advice (6) to the inside lawyers, those brave and true (7).

With all these examples of hendiadyses, you get the point and meaning (8).

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  1. I’m flattered by your kind (unsolicited) reference to my personal resume. Reactions and comments on my blogs on contract drafting and Weagree’s document assembly solution, however, should be made and posted here.
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