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High-tech zeniths and low-tech nadirs of this blog

Topics on this blog have touched on some sophisticated technology (See my post of June 6, 2006 about biometric fingerprint identification; Oct. 18, 2006 on RFID devices for filing; Jan. 4, 2006 intelligent agents; May 15, 2005 on Monte Carlo simulations; Oct. 26, 2006 on bubble-scan bills; March 27, 2005 on artificial intelligence software; April 7, 2006 and neural networks; April 3, 2005 on PDAs; and May 7, 2006 concerning network mapping software.). So far, I haven’t written about keypads for security or bar codes.

Other topics have scraped along the bottom of the barrel of technology (See my post of Aug. 10, 2007 about a spreadsheet for a bare-bones matter management system; April 30, 2006 with a reference to thermofaxes; March 17, 2006 on dictation to stenographers; and Oct. 18, 2006 on shredders.). I have yet to tackle the complexities of anti-glare screen protectors, lava lamps and pencil sharpeners.

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