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Posting open positions of the law department

If a company requires the posting of all position openings, shouldn’t the law department comply? “Absolutely,” says Paul Roy, the administrator of TimeWarnerCable’s law department. In his company, the legal department is required to let all employees of the company know about its openings. Posted positions are part of the cable company’s culture of transparency and equity.

Any position that is created or that opens up is posted with short summary of the job. Roy explains that the new position is open only within the company for a short time and then it is open to outside candidates. All the new positions are available online and are web enabled so that people can apply online. Usually the HR representative dedicated to the law department reviews the applications. The application process is confidential, so someone can apply and his or her boss doesn’t know. The posting must be up five days before the law department can make an offer to anyone.

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