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“High impact learning maps” strike down passé “competency maps”

A previous post wrote about competency maps used by Altria’s Asian law department (CounseltoCounsel, May 2005 at pg. 11). The group developed a skills and competency profile (sometimes called a “competency map”) for each lawyer position. The profile captured the needed skills in four categories and ranked the competency level the incumbent needed in each for the position.

Pitney Bowes has thrown out the old competency models and exchanged them for “High Impact Learning Maps.” Is that just a new term for the same old thing? Definitely not, according to Dave Basarab, Director of Employee Development at Pitney Bowes, who is to speak at a conference [Sharing @ LearnShare, Atlanta, Georgia, Oct. 13-14, 2005 at Emory University].

According to the brochure, this talent development tool provides:

• Significant increases in productivity
• Learner intentionality (that clotted phrase will pack the auditorium!)
• A line of sight to performance results (jargon, what jargon?)

I do not mean to be flip simply because of word choice, as this evolution beyond competency maps may offer profound benefits.

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