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My two most enjoyable law department retreat activities

A global bank convened all of its lawyers in Frankfurt, Germany. The second night, we took buses to Ronnerberg Castle, a 14th century restored fortress. Inside the guest hall of the 600-year old castle we ate dinner. But we didn’t just dine. The Rohnerberg staff recreated a royal meal from the early years of the castle, complete with one eating spoon, thick-honeyed mead, crude wood bowls, honey in pots, chunks of coarse bread, cold stone floors, and no salt. Courtiers dressed in 14th century garb sang lyrics accompanied by lutes. All we missed were dogs scrapping for bones and wise jesters.

A leading beverage company invited its lawyers and paralegals to Gleneagles, an internationally acclaimed golf resort amid the heath outside Glasgow. The highlight for me, aside from the scotch tasting and the traditional Scottish fare (got Haggis, anyone?), was a session with an English long bow. Maybe it’s a male thing, but slapping on a leather arm protector, thunking an arrow with a 100 pound pull completely through a target makes Agincourt come alive. For more of my personal retreat highlights, see my recent article in Legal Times.

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