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Humor and blog posts on law department management – goring the oxymoron

Managing a law department is no laughing matter, but writing about it can be (See my post of Feb. 14, 2006 on valentines and general counsel, with cross references to clever posts and four pun posts.). “Sense of humour” ranked 10th out of 11 personality attributes among Canadian corporate lawyers, but I disagree with more than the spelling. Too many lawyer jokes bombard us for there not to be jokes on this blog.

Your humble scribe, extruder to date of 1,550 mostly serious posts, loves to tickle with words, so this outpouring is brimming with light touches: (See my posts on “ph’s” (Jan. 5, 2006); the planet names used in order (Jan. 1, 2006); Germanicisms (March 1, 2006); outside counsel prolixity (May 16, 2006); hare-brained lawyers (May 16, 2006); southpaw lawyers (March 16, 2006); and over-wrought metaphors (May 26, 2006).

Portentous, this blog, but still up for tom-foolery.