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Hyperpost on billing by law firms – eight collected metaposts with URLs and two articles

Regular visitors to this blog know that I periodically collect posts on a similar topic into what I call metaposts. With some 220 of them in hand, I venture here to raise mere metaposts to hyperposts level. Is the blogging world ready for another neologism: hyperpost?

This hyperpost collects eight metaposts and two articles on billing by law firms.

Bill auditors (See my post of Dec. 27, 2008: bill auditors with 15 references.).

Billable hour requirements (See my post of Dec. 29, 2008: billable hour standards with 7 references.).

Discounts (See my post of Nov. 26, 2006: discounts with 15 references.), Jan. 21, 2008: 10 more posts with variations on discounts; and
Dec. 26, 2008: third metapost on discounts, with 12 references.). Click here for a PDF of “A Little Off the Top” (Legal Times, April 21, 2008).

E-billing (See my post of Dec. 14, 2008: e-billing with 45 references.). Click here for a PDF of “Practice Tips on E-billing (NY Law J. Download 07-03-15 Rees Morrison Practical Tips on E-Billing

Timekeepers and core staff (See my post of Dec. 27, 2008: timekeepers with 18 references.).

UTBMS codes (See my post of Dec. 21, 2008: UTBMS with 8 references.).

Some billing topics have not had enough posts to constitute a metapost (See my post of Dec. 18, 2006: tracking write-offs; Nov. 13, 2006: write downs and MFN terms; Aug. 28, 2008: cell phone tracking of real-time billing; Sept. 14, 2005: time spent on bill review; and June 16, 2006: who spends more time.).