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Hyperpost on software applications for legal departments

Most of the metaposts on Law Department Management Blog look at specific categories of software, including the following seven:

  1. Contract management (See my post of Nov. 22, 2008: contract management software with 11 references.).

  2. Decision trees (See my post of June 17, 2009: decision tree software with 6 references.)

  3. Document assembly (See my post of Feb. 26, 2008: document assembly with 16 references.).

  4. Document management (See my post of Dec. 6, 2007: document management with 15 references.).

  5. Idea visualization (See my post of May 15, 2009: idea relationship software with 6 references.).

  6. Matter management (See my post of Aug. 5, 2008: matter management systems with 35 references.).

  7. Portals (See my post of June 27, 2006: portals with 4 references; and Aug. 16, 2006: portals.)

Several metaposts focus on broader aspects of software usage in legal departments, including the entire genre (See my post of Feb. 9, 2008: law department software with 59 references.).

Then there are complementary topics, such as ASP or Software as a Service (SaaS), customized software, and support by internal IT staff (See my post of Feb. 25, 2009: Application Specific Programs with 6 references; June 3, 2009: bespoke, customized software written for legal departments with 12 references; and support by IT staff; and June 16, 2009: Information Technology staff group with 23 references.).

One collection is about a single application, Microsoft’s SharePoint (See my post of June 9, 2009: SharePoint with 6 references.).

Other metaposts I have not included in this hyperpost even though they depend heavily on software. My comments regarding those applications go not so much to the software qua software as to the management uses of it or consequences of use of the software. These related metaposts include dashboards, dictation, e-billing, email, e-discovery, extranets, intranets, LEDES, litigation support, social networks, Twitter, and wikis.

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