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Recommendations of software for litigation tracking that are new to me

The head of litigation at a pharmaceutical company, facing scores of lawsuits, asked on a LinkedIn forum about software that would allow his firms to enter their litigation data. “I need several outside firms to input/upload confidential data [about lawsuits] securely.” Of the nine replies through yesterday, several mentioned less well-known software.

According to Jere Wilson, practice support manager at the law firm Shipman & Goodwin, “In the SaaS space is a really excellent litigation project management tool called iFramework.”

Also in the ASP space, Ray Jassin of Law Library Management “successfully implemented a reasonably priced litigation management tool for the legal department of a major corporation utilizing QuickBase, a hosted SaaS by INTUIT.”

Alan Robinson, a discovery consultant for LexisNexis Applied Discovery, wrote that “the most robust solution and best value for money is [Case Anywhere] – the best part of the service is the docket management capabilities.”

Paul Zengilowski added a comment “an interesting new application targeted at just the problem you’re describing called LegalPM, released by a company called FifthRail.”

This information serves as an excellent illustration of the power of online professional networks.