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In-house lawyers and general counsel who host their own blog – a collection of 11

At the risk of overlooking someone, a scouring of my posts turned up nearly a dozen in-house lawyers, past or current, who host a blog, or in one case the equivalent of one. I welcome hearing about additions to this list.

James Bartlett, senior attorney with Northrop Grumman (See my post of Jan. 24, 2010: export-import laws as a listserv mailing list.).

Tim Bratton, general counsel of the Financial Times (See my post of Feb. 14, 2011: LegalBrat.).

Perry Cone, former general counsel of Citizens Insurance (See my post of Feb. 8, 2011: Leading Inhouse.).

John DeGroote, former general counsel of BearingPoint (See my post of Feb. 13, 2009 #4: Settlement Perspectives.).

Mike Dillon, former general counsel of Sun Microsystems until its acquisition by Oracle (See my post of May 4, 2009 #1: will his blog fall silent.).

Hannah Hasl-Kelchner, a senior attorney with Lorrilard (See my post of Feb. 28, 2008: reference to Legal Literacy.).

David Munn, general counsel of Pramata (See my post of Feb. 28, 2008: reference to Munn and

Jon Olson, general counsel of Blackbaud (See my post of Sept. 22, 2010: General Counsel Diary.).

William Patry, senior copyright lawyer at Google (See my post of March 2, 2008: Patry Copyright Blog.).

Richard Russeth, general counsel of Leprino Foods (See my post of May 25, 2010: the Last Generalist)

John Wallbillich, former general counsel and now host of the Wired GC.

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2 responses to “In-house lawyers and general counsel who host their own blog – a collection of 11”

  1. Brad Fallon says:

    I will be looking out for these blogs. Thanks for this informative post. We will learn a lot from this.

  2. Doug Hagerman says:

    Hi Rees — I have a blog that is published internally — part of our intranet — and thus only available to employees of my ocmpany.