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Law departments and vendors in news releases by the department’s company

On Dec. 20, 2007, Hercules Offshore, a marine drilling company, issued a press release which let the delighted and fascinated world of business know that it had “adopted BoardVantage to manage its board communications.”

According to James Noe, Hercules Offshore’s General Counsel, “With BoardVantage, we are able to produce highly navigable, electronic board books in a fraction of the time it previously took to create paper-based board books. We are also able to maintain a historical repository of documents, which we can access whenever needed.” More marketing-language praise follows. Joe Ruck, president and CEO, BoardVantage, chimes in with his own, personal excitement and pleasure.

I wouldn’t have thought that licensing law department software would justify a corporate news release, but there you have it. Chalk up one more way a law department can publicize its vendors (See my post of Dec. 10, 2007 about DuPont and an ad.).

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