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Major consolidation in the online compliance training industry

Yesterday, SAI Global Limited announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Integrity Interactive, a leading Compliance and Ethics solutions provider, subject to US regulatory approval. Hats off to Jeff Kaplan of Kaplan Walker for alerting me to this.

Among the big four companies in the market for online compliance training – Integrity Interactive, LRN, SAI Global, and Corpedia, this merger will shake things up (See my post of June 11, 2008: compliance with 33 references; and Jan. 20, 2009: reporting lines of compliance function with 11 references.).

Several posts since the most recent of those two metaposts have to do with reporting lines (See my post of May 15, 2009; a clear explanation of a chief compliance officer’s mandate; May 21, 2009: law and compliance overlap and need role clarification according to 2005 EY study; July 23, 2009: compliance groups in legal departments and decentralized through the company; Feb. 16, 2010 #4: reporting lines of compliance officers in the UK; July 6, 2010: a regulator’s view on compliance reporting; May 19, 2009: 2005 study of corporate regulatory compliance practices, including reporting lines; and Sept. 5, 2009 #3: reporting lines of the CCO under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines;

A couple of posts concern training (See my post of Aug. 12, 2008: methods of training board members on compliance; Aug. 4, 2009: board member training in ethics and compliance, often conducted by the general counsel; and July 20, 2009: newsletter on compliance and ethics.).

A third groups posts around the ROI of compliance (See my post of Feb. 6, 2009: savings claimed from good compliance practices; Feb. 22, 2009: three trends regarding the costs of ineffective compliance; March 8, 2009: cost effective compliance risk assessment, Part III; and March 23, 2009: cost-effective compliance – staffing issues.).

The remaining posts wander hither and yon (See my post of Nov. 30, 2008: difference between general compliance and regulatory compliance; Feb. 15, 2009: specialized software packages for ethics and compliance; May 15, 2009: maturity model for ethics and compliance function; May 20, 2009: 16 blogs on compliance, corporate social responsibility, or corporate governance; May 21, 2009: courtesy of Doug Cornelius, 15 more compliance-related blogs; June 14, 2009: who is responsible for compliance; June 18, 2009: when lawyers are in the minority in a law and compliance department; Aug. 3, 2009: does your compliance and ethics program do this – a one-minute self test; Jan. 19, 2010: shallow recommendations amidst many findings about legal risk and compliance; and May 20, 2010: how to address compliance risk.).