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Many kinds of software complement matter management packages

In various posts I have tried to get a handle on the number of matter management systems commonly available for law departments and even the numbers of their users. It’s hard.

Part of the difficulty is that other kinds of software relate to matter management or overlap with some of the traditional functions (See my post of March 5, 2009: why law departments use billing system with only half their firms; May 8, 2009: neck and neck among the leading e-billing systems; June 1, 2009: information collected by registered agents; July 16, 2009: number of invoices processed per user through leading e-billing systems; Dec. 7, 2008 #5: appliances; Dec. 18, 2008: mashups of complementary databases; Feb. 13, 2009: ILTA metrics on document management systems used by large law departments; Sept. 1, 2009: similarities between contract management and matter management systems; Oct. 21, 2009: extranet that goes beyond; May 25, 2011: the most common third-party report writers; Nov. 23, 2010: procurement functions integrated into matter management systems; Dec. 27, 2010: 17 law department applications commonly in three levels; Feb. 1, 2011: app cottage industry coming for matter management systems; Feb. 15, 2011: “innovation platforms” and matter management systems; and July 26, 2011: matter management systems and blur with other applications.).

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