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What choices do general counse have regarding matter management software?

How many law department matter management packages are available and installed in more than a couple of departments in the United States? Somewhere in the range of 20 to 40. No one knows for sure, but my recent posts have referred to some of the choices (See my post of Feb. 5, 2009: 8 vendors at LegalTech NY; Feb. 25, 2009 #3: CSC’s system; June 1, 2009: Microsoft SharePoint as an option for legal departments; and June 3, 2009: three points beyond the overview post on SharePoint.).

That’s hardly all of the posts. The past two years added more (See my post of Feb. 10, 2010: TrialNet; June 7, 2010: three European providers of software for legal departments; Nov. 27, 2010: Thomson Reuters on a buying spree; Dec. 13, 2010: Bugzilla open source software as a matter management tool; Feb. 23, 2011: Hyperion Research’s report on matter management and e-billing; Feb. 24, 2011: prediction of large players entering the matter management arena; March 6, 2011: large number of competitors in matter management; March 12, 2011: GCM’s survey and 30+ matter management systems worldwide; March 25, 2011: German software: April 29, 2011: Lecorpio’s software: June 20, 2011: legal department technology from Brazil; July 27, 2011: big international players in matter management systems; and July 30, 2011: well more than two-score providers of matter management systems.).

Many departments, however, get by with no matter management software and some write their our own program (See my post of March 8, 2009: get data from accounts payable; March 29, 2009: Access database; April 13, 2011: GCM shows:quite a few large departments with no system or a customized one; May 4, 2009: the $5 million threshold, “at which level general counsel start wanting software to assist”; and June 15, 2011: departments that gave no information on matter management software had fairly typical legal spend to revenue.).

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