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Metrics on document management systems used by large law departments

The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) released the results of its 2008 Law Department Survey of 45 law departments. The respondents could check all that apply, so there may be more systems than departments. In declining order of use, the DMS’s mentioned are:

Open Text DocsOpen/DB (30%)

Interwoven and, EMC Documentum (18%)

Microsoft Sharepoint (14%)

“integrated with matter management system” (7%)

IBM FileNet/DB2 Content Manager (5%)

Worldox (2%)

Lotus Domino Document Manager (0%)

Otherwise, 18 percent of the respondents selected “None” and 11 percent selected “Other”.

One other point, from page 7. Two thirds of the departments were using a document management system on their own, while the rest use whatever is the corporate standard.

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