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Wide range of technology roles in law departments according to a recent survey

The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) released the results of its 2008 Law Department Survey of 45 law departments.

On page 5 a table lists eight technology roles. For each of them around 20 of the respondents had one or more people in the following roles: project managers, application developers, infrastructure personnel, data specialists, database administrators, report writers, helpdesk, and trainers.

Most of the respondent departments are big. Sixteen have 11-50 lawyers, ten have 51-100 lawyers and 16 have more than 100 lawyers, but even so these are still sizeable numbers for technology staff. In reality, some of the roles may not be full time (See my post of Sept. 10, 2005 on the multiplicity of law department positions; April 30, 2006 #6: procurement manager; and Aug. 4, 2008: head of knowledge management.).

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