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More expertise for finding expert witnesses

To find a qualified expert witness quickly and efficiently is no easy task. Moreover, the charges of the experts can run to six figures, not to mention the fees of your lawyers who prepare them for their testimony (See my post of May 17, 2006: estimated $6 billion-plus niche for expert witnesses.). Appropriately, all kinds of organizations serve as intermediaries and offer databases of experts, help locate them, and provide references (See my post of April 23, 2007: 16 resources; and Feb. 2, 2008: expert witness sources and nine references cited.).

Round Table Group, a 14-year old company that locates experts for lawyers, claims a network of 95,000 experts. Beyond that database, according to an interview in Met. Corp. Counsel, Feb. 2008, at 18, the company will conduct customized expert witness searches for clients, “pre-screen candidates to verify their qualifications, and coordinate interviews with qualified candidates, all at no charge.”

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