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Two multi-day education programs for in-house counsel

Forty attorneys took part in the most recent Association of Corporate Counsel’s (ACC) Executive Leadership Institute (ELI). Lectures by Stephen R. Chitwood, director of George Washington University’s Center for Law Practice Strategy and Management, focused on “executive leadership and management, motivation, strategic thinking, planning, analysis, and management, leadership style; and more.”

In the issue of the ACC Docket, Vol. 26, Jan./Feb. 2008, that reported on the ELI (at 16) there is a two-page ad (at 32-3) for Boston University’s Executive Leadership Center’s Mini MBA for in-house counsel. This program, cosponsored by ACC, “will provide you with the broad based understanding of corporate finance, accounting, risk analysis, management, and strategy you need to excel.”

Unlike the day-and-a-half conferences that one usually sees, these two programs are longer and more detailed (See my posts of Aug. 19, 2007 #4 for a sample of conferences that targeted lawyers in corporations.).