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Most-cited document management systems (DMSs) in large legal departments

ILTA’s 2011 Law Department Technology Survey gathered data in December 2010 on the document management systems used by 54 responding companies. Tops was Autonomy iManage/Interwoven with 15 users (27% of the DMS users), followed by Microsoft Sharepoint (14 users). The remaining five systems were OpenText Livelink/Hummingbird, EMC Documentum, IBM Lotus Notes, FileNet, and Worldox.

Two years before, the same survey attracted 45 respondents and ranked document management systems among the 22 of them who used such systems (See my post of Feb. 13, 2009: ILTA corporate technology survey.). It offered the same seven vendors, albeit with somewhat different names than the recent survey. The DMS’s mentioned back then, with absolute numbers and percentages of the respondent base) were:

Open Text DocsOpen/DB (7, 30%)
Interwoven (4, 18%)
EMC Documentum (4, 18%)
Microsoft Sharepoint (3, 14%)
“integrated with matter management system” (2, 7%)
IBM FileNet/DB2 Content Manager (1, 5%)
Worldox (2%)
Lotus Domino Document Manager (0%)

Otherwise, 18 percent of the respondents (8) selected “None” and 11 percent (5) selected “Other”.

Autonomy’s offerings rose significantly in absolute numbers (4 to 15) and in percentage. Sharepoint rose even more; OpenText stayed flat, and Documentum doubled its users but had the same percentage.

One other point, from page 7: Two thirds of the departments were using a document management system on their own, while the rest use whatever is the corporate standard. Since my last metapost on DMS, I have accumulated a few more posts (See my post of July 16, 2009: application for knowledge distribution at Hilton’s legal department; Oct. 22, 2009: Business Integrity application sits on top of SharePoint; July 15, 2010: Fenwick & West’s use of SharePoint as extranet; Nov. 10, 2010: use as a contract repository; and Nov. 27, 2010: Royal FrieslandCampina’s contract management system.).

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