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My first BLOOK – blog book – on outside counsel management!

I have arduously compiled, organized, commented on, indexed, and back-referenced 471 of my posts on outside counsel management. The 290-page PDF blook, which you can find much more about here, costs $75.

The six chapters cover (1) when do you need outside counsel, (2) how do you find them, (3) what billing arrangements make sense, (4) how do you manage them, (5) how do you evaluate their performance, and (6) what other considerations apply. Within each chapter, the posts are organized according to a two-level taxonomy. Write me with any questions you have about the blook.

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One response to “My first BLOOK – blog book – on outside counsel management!”

  1. Pat Washburn says:

    Congratulations! This is a commendable step forward, gathering up the wisdom you’ve made available here.