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My most downloaded article: value delivered by in-house counsel – why the surge of interest?

As I noticed the drumbeat of downloads of my recent article on the value delivered by in-house counsel, I wondered why that theme grabbed so many readers. The straightforward answer would be that many managers of law departments want to understand better how to describe the value their team brings, increase that value, and be appreciated for that value. In short: “the topic matters to me.”

Perhaps “nine” titillates people; how could someone proliferate so many thoughts on a topic that perhaps is taken for granted? In short: “the topic couldn’t possibly justify such profusion.”

A dark and troubling explanation also came to mind. Perhaps the topic taps into a deep and broad vein of in-house insecurity. Would secure people, confident in their contribution and certain of their respected value even bother to look? In short, “the topic scares me.”

Here is the article in case you want to see it.