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Benchmarks for law departments and 13 more metaposts on that topic

A previous hyperpost brought together 10 metaposts on benchmarks (See my post of July 19, 2009: ten metaposts on benchmarks.).

Since then, another 13 have accumulated. Some of these newer ones quite likely repurpose earlier posts that have already been included, many of the posts are recent.

Some metaposts concern individual benchmark metrics (See my post of Oct. 27, 2009: one-to-one ratio of lawyers to support staff with 9 references; April 16, 2010: TLS goes down as revenue increases with 9 references; April 16, 2010: TLS as percentage of revenue with 15 references; Sept. 20, 2010: R&D spend related to legal spend with 8 references; April 3, 2011: all-in cost per hour of internal lawyers with 9 references.).

Other metaposts have to do with methodology or calculations (See my post of Nov. 10, 2009: weighted metrics with 12 references; Feb.19, 2010: representativeness in survey respondents with 13 references; June 23, 2010: methodological considerations in benchmarking with 24 references; and Sept. 30, 2010: normalized figures with 14 references.).

Several metaposts pull together thoughts on broader aspects of benchmarks (See my post of March 2, 2010: industry benchmarks with 8 references; Sept. 6, 2010: GCM study with 36 references; Dec. 3, 2010: benchmark analytics with 13 references; and Dec. 19, 2010: Hildebrandt law department benchmark survey with 15 references.).

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