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Noting posts on India other than the flood about offshoring

Virtually everything on this blog that refers to India falls under the topic of offshoring. Aside from that 800-pound gorilla there are, in fact, some tiny chimps of posts related to India. A few refer to the number of Indian law graduates and lawyers (See my post of Oct. 10, 2005: 200,000 graduates a year from Indian law schools; Nov. 14, 2005: 298,000 graduates in law per year; Dec. 29, 2008: Indian law graduates do not have to pass a bar exam; Feb. 22, 2009: 80,000 graduates per year from Indian law schools; and Feb. 19, 2010: India has about 1 million practicing lawyers.).

The occasional other references pertain to Indian law firms and in-house attorneys (See my post of Dec. 12, 2006; dispute with solicitors over Rs 141 lakh (almost Rs 1.56 crore); Nov. 17, 2006: no attorney-client privilege for in-house lawyers in India; Feb. 17, 2008: Howrey, first US firm with office in India; May 2, 2008: difficulties US law departments have when they seek a law firm in India; March 15, 2009: Indian firm added employment-related fees to invoice; and April 28, 2009: Luthra & Luthra, ISO 9001 certified.).

Then, the odd post (See my post of and April 6, 2009: HCL Technologies collects comments from employees.).