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Offshoring legal work, including to India — $163 billion market?

Legalaffairs, in its May/June 2005 issue at pgs 10-12, discusses sending legal work to Indian firms. Here is the eye-popping metric: “The market for outsourced legal work is expected to reach $163 billion by next year, and India is positioned to seize the largest share.” [See my posts of Feb. 20, 2005 and of May 20, 2005, the latter attacking a figure one-hundredth as large.] Before such a figure sinks to urban legend, we really need to know how it was calculated.

Editor Daniel Brook’s piece cites three companies, Intellevate and Lexadigm and Imaging & Abstract International. It otherwise adds little to the hubbub about Indian outsourcing.

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2 responses to “Offshoring legal work, including to India — $163 billion market?”

  1. BHR says:

    Then I suggest that law schools adapt to the globalization – and in addition to hosting big firm recruiters, that they also solicit interviewers from India legal-tech companies – becaus eultimately that’s where the future will be for 95% of the graduates

  2. The $163-billion figure is ludicrous on its face: The total annual revenue (not profits, revenue) of all law firms in the US is about $120-billion. Obviously when a reporter (and editor) publish such a facially ridiculous number, the credibility of the entire piece becomes dubious.