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Online networks may be able to share information securely with a legal department’s network

General counsel may have some concerns about how the members of their legal groups can effectively use online social networks (See my post of Sept. 22, 2008: social networks such as Legal OnRamp or LinkedIn with 7 references.). One problem is protecting confidential information.

An ad for Sonoa Systems Inc. and SelectMinds Inc. says they have joined to “offer employers secure connections among corporate social networks, business applications and public Web 2.0 communities.” It sounds as if a legal department might be able to integrate its online network FaceBook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and other public networks. Whether a general counsel would want to do so is another matter.

The ad, which appears in HR Mag., July 2009 at 73, mentions that the software “includes measurement tools so managers can track how employees use the social web sites

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