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Open cubicles for lawyers

Having recently spent several days with a law department whose lawyers work in open cubicles, I confess to some amazement. From my first day at Weil Gotshal, all through my selling days and the past 16 years of consulting I have had my own office. Not only is there much more room for books and piles, but I have privacy. Yes, these lawyers can dart off to one of the non-reserveable privacy rooms, but that is inconvenient.

The cost is certainly far far less, and this was in London where per square meter costs soar. But I must say it was a shock. Makes you rely much more on email I think, because that is private. Anderson ‘s legal department in Chicago was also open cubicle.

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One response to “Open cubicles for lawyers”

  1. I never like working in an open cubicle. I always have the risk of having my computer monitor visible to persons walking by in the hallway and my conversation being heard while on the phone.