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Part LVI in a series of collected metaposts embedded previously

  1. Claims management (See my post of June 14, 2011: management of claims with 11 references.).

  2. Contracts work core to in-house counsel (See my post of June 16, 2011: core function of inside lawyers is contracts with 13 references.).

  3. Contract practices (See my post of June 14, 2011: practices related to contracts with 23 references.).

  4. Contract technology II (See my post of June 15, 2011: contract software with 12 references.).

  5. Contract terms (See my post of June 19, 2011 #4: terms of contracts with 6 references.).

  6. E-discovery III (See my post of June 20, 2011: recent posts on electronic discovery with 12 references.).

  7. Heuristics, rule of thumb (See my post of June 19, 2011: rule of thumb, decision tool with 18 references.).

  8. Law firms and satisfaction interviews of clients (See my post of June 9, 2011: interviews by law firms of law departments with 7 references.).

  9. Trials (See my post of June 28, 2011: trials with 10 references.).

  10. Lists (See my post of June 14, 2011: lists and their advantages with 6 references.).

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One response to “Part LVI in a series of collected metaposts embedded previously”

  1. In general, property tax law are “ad valorem” meaning the property tax is based on your property value. When there is some modification in your property value, your assessed or appraised value also changes.