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Rees Morrison’s Morsels #91 – additions to earlier posts

Other LPO-related blogs. I should add a couple more: LPO News by Anirudh Bhati, who is a professional working in the Legal Process Outsourcing Industry and Legal Process Outsourcing by Mark Ross (See my post of Jan. 18, 2009: 15 blogs about legal offshoring.).

Salaries paid Indian legal graduates are minuscule by US standards. “LPO companies employ Indian legal graduates with starting salaries of about $7,000,” says Reena Sengupta in the RSG India Report 2008, according to Legal Strat. Rev., Winter 2008/2009 at 8.

Three conferences outside the US for in-counsel. The Asian Corporate Counsel Summit, on March 23, 25, 2009 in Hong Kong, the European Forum for In-House Counsel, April 23-24, 2009 in Brussels, and Unternehmensjuristentage (In-House Counsel Summit), Feb. 17-19, 2009 in Berlin, Germany. If any reader has material from these conferences they would like to share with me, it would be my pleasure to write blog posts about what I glean from them (See my post of Nov. 16, 2008: conferences aimed at inside lawyers with 11 references.).

Puns – easy as falling off a blog. I like puns (See my post of Feb. 17, 2008: “wine about costs”; Feb. 25, 2008: “lawcker room effect”; April 22, 2008: “espressoed”; May 25, 2008: “I can CLE now”; May 25, 2008: “mine their own business”; July 13, 2008: “no sip of the tongue”; Nov. 30, 2008: “Hyde litigators”; Sept. 22, 2008: “no nous is good news”; Dec. 12, 2007: snakes; and Dec. 19, 2007: “grounds for insight”.). Or do I blog posthaste (See my post of Sept. 18, 2007: humor on this blog.)?

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Million-dollar compensation and a tax consequence
. Internal Revenue Code Section 162(m) generally limits the otherwise allowable deduction for compensation paid to senior officers of a publicly held company to no more than $1 million per year. According to Corp. Sec., Dec. 2008 at 25, Section 162(m) excludes some types of compensation, such as incentive comp “payable solely on account of the attainment of one or more performance goals.” Is that not a fairly easy loophole to pay a general counsel more than $1 million (See my post of Sept. 5, 2007: the million dollar cap.)?