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Revenue distribution from the first 215 participants in the 2011 General Counsel Metrics global benchmark survey – take the survey yourself!

Aficionado that I am of metrics, I started slicing and dicing the revenue figures from the 215 law departments that have submitted data so far to the GCM global benchmark survey. Those companies reported $2.4 trillion of combined corporate revenue for 2010. (For those reporting in Euros, British Pounds and Canadian Dollars I used the average exchange rate to US dollars during the year.)

Poking around further, it turns out that 119 of those participants (55%) reported revenue greater than $1 billion. Moving up in size, 78 (32%) reported more than $3 billion and 56 (26%) broke the Fortune 500 barrier at more than $5 billion.

At the top: 34 of the participants so far exceed $10 billion. One out of seven loom that large; at the other end, about half the participants reported less than $1 billion in 2010 revenue.

Whether your company has huge or tiny revenue, click here to take the six-minute survey and receive your first report of 65 pages in May.

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