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RSG Media software to manage contract rights

Rights management software helps companies cope with contract complexity, third party content creators, new distribution platforms, and reporting requirements. According to the website of RSG Median, a provider of this specialized law-related software, “Generally, the process of identifying content and isolating restrictions has been an extremely manual process, one that requires legal departments to sift through paper contracts to identify any possible use limitations. Automated centralized applications serve to maximize the use of cleared content and minimize risk of misuse.”

RSG’s software, called RightsLogic, is a suite of five media industry-specific modules designed to not only simplify tracking contractual rights but also to facilitate the exploitation of those assets. The website says, “Now it is possible to track media assets and their associated financials from acquisition or production to final use. Managers can easily maximize yield, reduce risk, and speed decision-making by streamlining the complex workflow associated with the deal approval process and scheduling.”

I have not seen a demo of the software but I point it out because it is highly specialized, even by industry, and complements or goes beyond generic contract management software

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