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Seven dictation software companies at LegalTech NY 2009

A long-time fan of dictation and voice recognition, I couldn’t help but notice a slew of software exhibitors at LegalTech New York who have offerings in that area (See my post of Feb. 23, 2008: dictation with 5 references; April 8, 2008: use commute as time to dictate; and May 27, 2008: nuggets of learning).
Here are some tidbits I gleaned from a quick read of their marketing material. In-house counsel should try out this productivity tool.

BigHand has all kinds of awards and some good case studies of law firms
Crescendo uses an open architecture so it interfaces with numerous vendors
iDictate lets you update Twitter using any phone, plus the usual set of voice transcriptions
Nuance mentions legal departments and has a prefigured legal vocabulary of more than 30,000 legal specific terms and phrases
Philips offers dictation, transcription and workflow solutions
Verdatum 2.0, as do others, lets you send dictation over the Internet
WinScribe was also at LegalTech but I did not get material from them

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2 responses to “Seven dictation software companies at LegalTech NY 2009”

  1. Jim Farley says:

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  2. Trotetelo says:

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    Thanks 🙂