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Seven semi-advanced math concepts that count for general counsel

Here are metaposts on seven domains of mathematics that play a role in legal department management.

Bayesian statistics (See my post of April 5, 2009: Bayesian statistics with 6 references.)

Bell curves and normal distributions (See my post of March 12, 2009: bell curves with 8 references.).

Correlations (See my post of Feb.13, 2008: correlations with 16 references; and Sept. 28, 2010: correlations with 10 references.).

Exponential growth (See my post of Sept. 13, 2010: exponential change with 10 references.).

Linear functions (See my post of July 25, 2010: linear descriptions of data with 11 references.).

Normalized figures and ratios (See my post of Sept. 30, 2010: normalized figures with 14 references.).

Power laws (See my post of April 27, 2010: power-law distributions with 6 references.).

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