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Some odd thinking about diversity

An interview in GC Mid-Atlantic, March 2006 at 22, of Sarah Lee’s general counsel, Roderick Palmore, gives background on his 2004 letter urging law departments to take action on law-firm diversity. As noted (See my post of March 17, 2006 on diversity efforts.), more than 100 companies have co-signed Palmore’s letter. With that kind of support, what kind of answer would you think Palmore gave to the reporter’s questions, “How do you gauge diversity? How can you tell if a firm isn’t measuring up?”

Oddly, he answered: “I think that’s a next-step question. It’s a little early in the process to talk about how [diversity] gets implemented and how it gets measured.”

After more than a year, and considerable publicity, the advocates of diversity in law firms don’t know how to measure it? Yet Palmore continued, saying “the next true step, in my judgment is to talk about best practices…” How can anyone identify a best practice if they cannot measure and define it or know how diversity gets implemented?

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One response to “Some odd thinking about diversity”

  1. ellenweber says:

    What an opportunity Law Firms would have to regain respect from so many more people if they jumped on this one…. The world waits for a forward thinking, intelligent group to come up with a plan for brnging diversity together for mutual gain… and for measuring what we did to ensure others can see it happened. What you laid out so well here could also be seen as an open letter of invitation for laywers to take up the challenge and show us how it can be done! Think of the ripple effects it could have when our divided countries need it most! Thanks for sparking this idea and for the thoughtful post.