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Ten posts from March 2011 to set you cogitating

The ratio of meeting time to working time (March 10, 2011)
The ratio of meeting to non-meeting time and two suggestions to improve the effectiveness of meetings.

Early findings from 142 in GCM’s 2011 benchmark survey regarding 30+ matter management systems (March 12, 2011)
Of 142 responding law departments, 76 completed the question regarding their matter management system. Astoundingly, they mentioned 30 different systems!

An alternative to department-wide, big and formal initiatives to give feedback to law firms (March 20, 2011)
A modest alternative to the large-scale, full-on effort that inevitably breaks down.

Smart lawyers aren’t by virtue of that creative lawyers, or even likely to be (March 21, 2011)
Higher than an IQ of 115 there is no correlation at all between intelligence and creativity.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) as an important consideration for law departments when they invest in software (March 24, 2011)
Total cost of ownership should be a calculation done by all law departments before they select software.

A checklist, with five priorities, to assess the effectiveness of pitches by law firms (March 25, 2011)
Many departments could use these items as a checklist and evaluation tool.

Cost of regulations as a way to convey the value of a law department (March 27, 2011)
If the cost of regulations is as quantifiable as some propose, in-house counsel might estimate the value they deliver.

Web apps for in-house counsel will appear in the next few years enriched by HTML5 (March 29, 2011)
In-house lawyers will increasingly find specialized apps released by law firms, legal publishers, law schools or consultants that bring pinpoint information to their mobile devices.

Everyone thinks the U.S. is the most litigious, but some data suggests we rank in the middle (March 30, 2011)
Over a decade ago Germany topped this dubious metric with the US in the middle at 74.5 cases per 1,000 of population.

Extreme Value Theory may have something to offer managers of law departments (March 30, 2011)
For example, EVT might look back at the number and frequency of law suits that cost more than $3 million in a year to project the likelihood of such budget-crushers.