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“The Partner Is Too Doctrinaire”

“ … instead of thinking like a businessman. He tends to be very technical and focus more on the minute aspects of the matter rather than the bigger picture of what is the right strategy for us,” observed the Associate General Counsel.

The partner referred to here is the lead partner for large law firm’s relationship with a major company. A lead partner is supposed to function as a general business advisor, understand where your business is going and be proactive in pointing out and anticipating issues that your company will have to address.

Yet, this partner has worked with the company for years and possess intimate institutional knowledgeable. If your company faced this situation, would you suggest that the law firm consider a change such as augmenting or replacing this partner?

Another Outside Looking In guest post by Bruce Heintz.

From Rees (See my post of July 26, 2008: relationship partners with 8 references.).