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Three categories of lawyers at Royal Dutch Shell

The restructured legal department at Royal Dutch Shell has divided its lawyers into “corporate counsel,” “business counsel,” and “regional counsel.” All of these counsel report to the General Counsel, Beat Hess, according to Legal Week, Vol. 7, Nov. 10, 2005 at 62 (See my post of Dec. 21, 2005 about the dual responsibilities of Ascential’s lawyers.).

What “regional counsel” do that differs from what their corporate and business counterparts do, I can’t imagine, except serve as a coordinating layer. The department has hundreds of lawyers, and perhaps needs that extra dollop of management for control and coordination.

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2 responses to “Three categories of lawyers at Royal Dutch Shell”

  1. agila says:

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  2. Robert Bronowicki says:

    I would like a job at Shell. I lived in the Netherlands for eight years. I am fifty three years of age and was a translator at Heineken, Zoeterwoude. I have a degree in politics and have studied law for a long time.
    At present, I have an employment law case at the english court of appeal. It would be a great job for me to work from home and work for SHELL in research activities whether it is technical engineering, geology, law etc. I have the skills that you require and really employment in Leeds U.K. is not challenging enough for me.
    If you could send me share prices in shell then I would like to consider buying shares.