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What topological maps of benchmark data might tell managers of law departments

A Palo Alto startup, Ayasdi, builds software that uses the branch of mathematics known as topology. Topology concerns how shapes interact with space, and has application to portraying large collections of data.

As described in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, January 28, 2013 at 34, Avasdiā€™s software can take huge amounts of data and help users find patterns in it. Users can upload their information to the company’s data centers which then applies its algorithms to look for relationships and interconnections. Those findings appear as colorful 3-D pictures on screen and users can ask questions about that data and manipulate it.

Topological computations and graphics sound like complements to other classification and clustering tools available to data analysts. Specifically, benchmark surveys amass many variables and hundreds participating companies. Software of the kind offered by Ayasdi may in future allow those who manage in law departments to visualize better and learn more about such accumulations of metrics.


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