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Train clients or members of the legal department using “spaced education”

People learn much more effectively if they spread out their learning over a period of time, rather than cramming, and if they are tested as they proceed, rather than at the end. Those are the two primary tenets of what is called in the Harv. Mag., Nov.-Dec. 2009 at 10, “spaced education.”

To improve your training program for clients, break the information they need to learn into discrete packages and repeat them over intervals of time, always presenting it in a test format. New information appears when the correct answer is explained and elaborated on. The two methods combined significantly increase the uptake and retention of knowledge (See my post of Sept. 1, 2008: learning methods with 12 references.). The same principles apply to training within the legal department. For more on this, visit the website Spaced Ed.

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