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We need to clarify the term “dedicated IT support”

Two quite different definitions are possible for the term “dedicated IT support.” Most people define such a person as someone who reports up the corporate technology organization but who spends full time supporting the legal department. The information systems group has “dedicated” that person to support the law department (See my post of June 16, 2009: Information Technology staff group with 23 references and 1 metapost.).

But the term could also describe a person who reports up through the legal function and is solely devoted to choosing, maintaining, and spreading technology throughout the function – dedicated to IT support in the department (See my post of June 24, 2009: pros and cons of technology staff within the legal department.). Those staff members usually stay longer than IT employees, many of whom rotate from responsibility to responsibility every few years. “Dedicated support from IT” clarifies the term.

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  1. teju2304 says:

    The dual routes have generally led to home versions having greater multimedia support and less functionality in networking and security, and professional versions having inferior multimedia support and better networking and security.