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Webcams in legal departments?

Picture this. The lawyers in a legal department have small cameras attached to their monitors. Their clients or primary outside partners also have cameras. Those unblinking eyes let each of them see the other while they talk, if someone chooses to turn on the cameras. Relatively inexpensive, fairly easy to set up, cameras help people get much more out of a conversation than when they can only speak by telephone. A webcam is worth a thousand words.

Even so, I have yet to hear of a legal department with video cameras in individual offices.

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One response to “Webcams in legal departments?”

  1. There is now office-scale high definition videoconferencing systems such as that from You can get a system for around $2500 — not pocket change, surely, but a small investment in better communication between client and firm. If you value (not bill) your time at $250/hour, you can save ten hours even in local travel rather quickly.