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What topical categories interest recent readers of this blog

Feedburner tracks the number of visits and views each page of my blog receives. On January 10, 2008, I looked at the cumulative data during the preceding 30 days for the 16 categories to which I assign posts. The most-visited category is “Controlling Legal Costs” with 1,251 visits and 2,771 views. Next comes “Outside Counsel Mgt.” at 1,247 visits and 2,274 views. Thereafter, in order, are the categories of “Structure” (1,141 visits and 2,044 views); “Metrics and Benchmarks” (962 visits, 2,481 views); “Mgt. Tools and Initiatives” (885, and 1,846); “Talent Mgt.” (742 and 1,263); and “Client Satisfaction” (577 and 1, 340).

Some of this distribution may be a consequence of how many posts are in each of the categories. But people who choose a category do not necessarily know how rich the vein is, so I presume they are choosing based on their interests at the time. Spending leads the way, both as to legal costs generally and law firms specificallly. Or at least I suspect that many readers dip into “Outside Counsel Mgt.” for its guidance on how to handle the costs of law firms.

As to the other categories that lead in visits, they seem reflect the typical concerns of general counsel: is my department organized effectively; can I show the CEO and CFO persuasive numbers about my staffing and spending; are there tools that might help me and my staff; and how can I get the most from my people?