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Mens sana in corpore sano: corporate lawyers and health

To be able to “run a good race” as an in-house lawyer over a period of years, it helps to stay healthy. An assortment of posts on this blog refer to physical health (See my post of Jan. 13, 2006 #2: health is crucial to a person’s overall happiness; Nov. 17, 2008: procrastination can harm health; Aug. 27, 2005: metrics on sick days; April 29, 2009: coming to work while sick; April 27, 2006: brain health is the number one indicator of longevity; Jan. 6, 2009: Spearman’s g correlates to health and lifespan; Jan. 8, 2008: health care and good looks; and March 26, 2008: physical appearance indicates physical fitness.).

An important part of a healthy lifestyle is, to put it finely, sweating (See my post of Feb. 25, 2008: exercise and the brain; April 16, 2007: corporate health centers; Nov. 6, 2007: energy; May 2, 2008: exercise improves the mind; Nov. 23, 2008: thermogenesis; and Jan. 30, 2009: even moderate energy sharpens one’s memory.). Among other benefits, exercise combats some of the debilitations of stress (See my post of June 11, 2008: stress with 18 references; and May 18, 2007: stress and pressure with 7 references.).

Healthy people get away from the stress and grind (See my post of Feb. 22, 2009: vacations and holidays with 10 references.). They also get enough shut-eye. An insufficient amount of restorative sleep should be a wakeup call (See my post of June 29, 2009: sleep and coffee with 10 references.).

À votre santé!