Metaposts – Subjects F-K

Finance department (See my post of June 18, 2009: interplay of finance/accounting and legal with 19 references and 2 metaposts.).
Firing law firms (See my post of Feb. 19, 2007: fire law firms with 8 references and my article.).
Fixed fees flat fees (See my post of March 1, 2008: fixed or flat fees with 36 references.).
Flex-time (See my post of Aug. 21, 2008: flexible working hours with 8 references.).
FMC Technologies (See my post of June 7, 2009: Jeff Carr and FMC Technologies with 15 references.).
Forty-sixty ratio, legal spend (See my post of March 29, 2009: 40/60 ratio of inside-to-outside spend with 18 references.).
Freeze billing rates (See my post of Feb. 9, 2009: rate freezes with 8 references.). Fully-loaded cost per lawyer hour (See my post of Aug. 27, 2008: fully-loaded cost per lawyer hour with 31 references; and March 9, 2009: fully-loaded with 7 more posts.).
Game theory (See my post of March 16, 2008: game theory with 6 references.).
Gaming a measurement system (See my post of March 11, 2009: gaming and manipulating with 12 references.).
Gathering of key law firms (See my post of April 1, 2009: conference for primary law firms with 7 references.).
Gender differences (See my post of Nov. 10, 2007: gender differences with 10 references.).
General counsel who are promoted (See my post of March 24, 2007: promoted general counsel with 8 references).
General counsel, exGC now CEO (See my post of May 26, 2007: GCs report to former GC with 10 references.)
General counsel, non-law slots (See my post of Aug. 4, 2007: GCs and non-law positions held with 7 references.).
Geographic decentralization (See my post of Jan. 16, 2009: decentralized law departments physically with 13 references.).
Groups for GCs to join (See my post of March 1, 2009: GC groups with 12 references.).
Happiness (See my post of June 20, 2007: happiness with 10 references, employee satisfaction, morale, engagement.).
High potentials (See my post of July 29, 2007: high potentials with 10 references.).
History (See my post of Oct. 24, 2008: historical references to management of legal departments with 7 references.).
Hold orders in litigation (See my post of Aug. 27, 2008: litigation hold notices with 6 references.).
Holdbacks (See my post of Feb. 12, 2009: hold-back arrangements with firms with 7 references.).
How to’s I (See my post of Nov. 27, 2007: how-tos with 23 references.).
How to’s II (See my post of Dec. 3, 2007: how-tos with 21 references.).
How-to’s III (See my post of March 20, 2009: how to do something, with 11 references.).
Human capital theory (See my post of Aug. 14, 2009: human capital with 10 references.).
Human Resources departments (See my post of June 14, 2009: HR departments with 16 references and 3 metaposts.).
Humor on this blog (See my post of Sept. 18, 2007: humor and jokes among posts with 29 references.)
Idea visualization software (See my post of May 15, 2009: idea relationship software with 6 references.).
Incumbent law firms (See my post of April 16, 2009: incumbent firms with 11 references.).
Independent Board counsel (See my post of Aug. 3, 2009: independent law firm serving a Board of Directors with 9 references.).
Information asymmetry (See my post of Sept. 7, 2008: information asymmetry with 7 references.).
Innovation (See my post of Dec. 16, 2005: innovation with 7 references, and creativity.).
Insurance (See my post of Sept. 1, 2008: insurance with 12 references.).
Intellectual property metaposts patents, litigation, trademarks, invention (See my post of Aug. 19, 2009 #3: six metaposts on intellectual property.).
Intelligence (See my post of Sept. 21, 2008: IQ with 16 references.).
Internal malpractice (See my post of April 25, 2009: malpractice and in-house lawyers with 6 references.).
Internal time tracking (See my post of Nov. 22, 2008: internal time tracking with 16 references.).
International offices (See my post of Sept. 16, 2008: foreign locations of in-house counsel with 11 references.).
Interns (See my post of March 19, 2009: interns from law school with 6 references.).
Interventions in law firm operations (See my post of Aug. 4, 2008: interventions with three posts and 40 references.). When Interventions Go Too Far [interventions in law firm operations] (NY LJ., Feb. 28, 2008)
Interviews for hiring (See my post of May 22, 2009: hiring interviews for lawyers with 6 references.).
Interviews of law firms (See my post of May 24, 2009: interview firms; beauty contests with 7 references and 1 metapost.).
Intranet sites (See my post of Nov. 30, 2008: legal department intranet sites with 12 references.).
IP licenses (See my post of Dec. 31, 2007: intellectual property licensing with 12 references.)
K&L Gates references (See my post of Aug. 28, 2008: material from “top of the mind” with 10 references.).
Kaizen (See my post of May 15, 2009: continuous improvement with 6 references and one metapost.).
Knowledge of the business (See my post of May 3, 2006: knowledge of the business with 7 references).