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Part XLIII of a collection of embedded metaposts

Click on any of these ten embedded metaposts to see my prior posts. Each of these (See my post of Nov. 5, 2009: Part XLII) is shadowed by the number of its back references.

  1. Books on law department management (See my post of Nov. 16, 2009: books about law departments with 8 references.).

  2. Evaluations of law firms II (See my post of Nov. 6, 2009: law firm assessments with 19 references.).

  3. Full-time equivalent (FTE) (See my post of Dec. 15, 2009: full-time-equivalent lawyers and others with 6 references.).

  4. General counsel hyperpost (See my post of Nov. 18, 2009: general counsel with 6 metaposts.).

  5. Malpractice (See my post of Nov. 8, 2009: malpractice of law firms with 8 references.).

  6. Productivity through talent (See my post of Nov. 29, 2009: hyperpost on productivity and six talent steps, with 12 metaposts.)

  7. Security of information and hardware, protection (See my post of Dec. 7, 2009: methods of protecting ideas and tools with 5 references.).

  8. Train clients (See my post of Nov. 19, 2009: training methods for clients with 8 references.).

  9. Transaction-cost economics (See my post of Nov. 19, 2009: Coasian analysis with 6 references.).

  10. Weighted metrics (See my post of Nov. 10, 2009: weighted metrics with 12 references.).